Live it up

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hola weekend

Hi people,,, running into the weekend ,,, at mysore, it is quite a short weekend ... i work full day on saturday, you see. Out here, this is going to be by far the loneliest weekend in quite a while ... one of my flatmates sandeep is off to bangalore to party, the other sonal is off to bangalore to take his interview for IIM Lucknow ,,, now the dude is taking his fifth IIM interview, so it has become quite routine by now ... as for me, had some party plans at bangalore, but with a hurting eye, i'd rather stay home and let things heal ... just finished my work out, and now i'm off to this little place called Park Lane for a candle light dinner :) , "me, myself and i" !!!

tomorrow, will be cool, got to work on loan applications, apart from a visit to the lake near by ... yeps, there's this beautiful lake in the center of mysore that keeps me amused,,, migratory birds n all that ... stuff that i've started appreciating since i started living here... i'll see if i can load a pic of the lake onto this post :) !!!

that apart,,, i have to read the last few pages of this book called "Snapshots from hell", a cool novel on the life at MBA ... now, since i am a few weeks away from starting my mba, i'm just taking a sneak preview into what lies ahead ... now, the book is exciting !!! for those of you who want a genuine insider's opinion on b-school,,, you can go for this book ...

will get going then, the aim is to create myself a fun weekend ... let's see how it goes !!!

Friday, March 18, 2005

The day never ends !!!

phew ... I am going nuts working thru the last two days ... and the list of things to do gets longer and longer ... and amidst all this chaos, i also met this amazing looking and friendly labrador pup ,,, who has a really sexy owner ,,, trivial but nevertheless ... :) now the puppy dude does respond to english, seems pretty indifferent to languages thus far, unlike the owner who struggles with everything other than arabic ... and arabic is one language i do not know, so deadlock !!! i'm hearing this song right now called "ironic" , fits pretty well ...

what next , i m slipping on a lot of deadlines in the last 2 days, and that has been quite a turn off ... i'm now making a list of deadlines on my laptop, and praying to the gods, that i get myself out of this chaotic chain in good shape ... for instance, my application for loan funding for b-school is missing the deadline by a minimum of 2.5 days,,, i do not want to think about the upper bound on that number right now, but the case is bad ... incidentally, i happened to have lost my passport, and the indian government refuses to take my enquiry call consistently in the last 5 days ,,, now the solution is that i have to travel 200 km to bangalore (i work at mysore) city just coz someone decided not to take my call ... interesting !!! n these r 2 out of a real long list ,,, add to which i have to attend an official meeting in bombay on tuesday morning , i cannot believe i have to travel across to bombay for a 3 hour meeting ... i desperately need to excuse myself out of that ordeal,,, fingers crossed ... AND THE BEST PART, my eye is swollen like a balloon, and i am hoping the eyedrops i'm using perform some miracle overnight, i can't afford to operate below peak efficiency the next few days ...

in the meanwhile, i did watch "the terminal" last night ,,, tom hanks proves his worth yet again ... great watch !!! and, i am gonna laze around at coffee day fr some time now, and follow that up with a slot at the gym ... so, life does continue to stay spiced ... singin off then !!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Finding Neverland - A deep story !!!

I couldn't get my hands on "The Terminal" last night, and so, I watched "Finding Neverland" instead. Well, to put it in one line, it is a beautiful story.

The movie is a story that revolves around the conceptualization of "Peter pan". I never knew that there could be such depth of emotion behind such an innocent story that I knew of as a kid. The movie has a very subtle depiction of romance, and an amazing depiction of complex feelings. It was a very interesting and thought provoking watch.

As for other things that are on, now that I have finished up with accepting the seat at ISB, I can start planning my finances for the actual expenses during the programme. To start with, I did some hard selling with my parents about the course. Didn't cut much ice,,, they see no logic in me not going to the US now that I have anyway decided to spend so much at ISB. I will have to figure out how to go about things over the next few weeks.

And then, surprise call from a friend from the past... now this dude called pranjal got out with us from IIT and went to HLL (HLL was quite a hot cake at IIT), and guess what, I saw the same vacuum in his thoughts about his job as I see in several others who do average jobs ... This leaves me wondering whether the problem is with the work, or with us yuppies, who first refuse to take interest in jobs, and then brand the job as trivial, boring, blah blah blah ... I sometimes feel I should be studying a mix of sociology and psychology for a few years, rather than business, to know our world better. Anyway, the bottom line is that he is also joining ISB this term.

The day ahead, planning a long work out, I've hardly spent time working out this week so far ... and besides, i'll catch "the terminal" today, since i didn't get the dvd last night ... signing off, andy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Livin on the edge !!!

Hey folks

Cause for celebration !!! ... I have successfully paid up the initial amount to accept my b-school seat ... Now, considering that this deadline is today, and that my bank account had only 10 % of the amount I needed until 6 in the evening, and the rest of it got wired in in the last one hour,,, I have surely had an exciting time off late !!! I remember that phrase, "living on the edge", and then when I sit back and relax, I wonder, why does everything in life need to be so marginal ? surely it does not,,, things will be better the next time ,,, it's called optimism, :-) ...

For the record, I am joining the "Indian School of Business" next month, unless something really weird and unfactored occurs over the next few weeks ... from what I have assessed so far, it looks like an amazing place to study, no biases ... I'm looking forward to this year ahead :-) ...

I'll call it a day now,,, gotta watch this movie called "The terminal" tonight, calling a few friends over for the movie ... and there'z the perrenial issue to handle --- food ... signing off then, good night.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Welcome to a virtual existence !!!

The title here is more about self realization than any kind of an announcement ... so, here goes, my first blog post ... simple, but ok fr a start ...

Hey people
Just thought i'd write some stuff on what's up in life ...
my day today : got up n rushed to work, an hour late :( ... am into the last 2 weeks at this firm , it's called L&T ... feels great to b a free flier again !!! spent the day training a junior colleague who's supposed to take on my job after i'm out ... well, i like behaving like a prof ,,, teaching is a passion ... i'm only surer now ... one day, i'll b a teacher fr sure :) ,,, tht's my alter ego talkin i guess ...
the eve has been eventful , rushing in n out of this bank called icici to finance my b-school education ... tomorrow's the deadline to pay up, i hope i get my finances in by then ... talk about livin on the edge :) ...
n into the early night is a short work out, some smooth music (hindi for a pleasant change), n talk to this great lady i'm getting to know nowadays ... :)
bye then folks, wil throw in some more thoughts some day soon !